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Stand Up Paddleboarding Round the Isle of Wight on a Stand Up Paddleboard South coast of England on a Stand Up Paddleboard Atlantic crossing Finish of round the Isle of Wight SUP

Ocean SUP - The Team

Charlie Head

Charlie is our S.U.P rider!

An all round waterman, passionate about sports, environmental education and one of our motivators behind the campaigns message.

Mike Gorby

Our support Kayaker and Technical support, Mike is a Photographer and has skills ranging from paddling to Taekwondo.

A very motivated character with great endurance abilities and remains positive through most punishment!

mike gorby

Jamie Walker

Project consultant and training coordinator. Jamie is a 6.6 ft machine. He pursues sporting interests ranging as wide as Ski extreme and Triathlons to rugby and Cage fighting.

He has trekked through the Arctic and Rowed across the Atlantic. He is a model athlete and leader you can rely on in every environment.

Brad Simington

Brad Is the Distributor for Coreban S.U.P boards in the UK and is an International Kite boarding Guru from South African.

Famous with in the Industry for his character, Brad is an inspiration to many through his teaching ability and motivation. He is a true asset to have in education and helping people push their limits as a true waterman.

Georgie Landrey

Georgie is Marketing Manager. She has extensive experience working on large scale marketing campaigns for global brands.

In addition she runs Combined Insight, a Career Coaching Consultancy, helping individuals fulfill their career potential.

John Corby

John is the Stage 3, Boat Designer and builder. As well recognized sail boat builder he produced award winning hulls that win races.

He alway likes a challenge and very creative, with his experience in this unique project, we could see him back in the record books.