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Sponsorship opportunities

We are seeking sponsorship for Stages 2 and 3. Ocean SUP offers prospective corporate sponsors a compelling marketing platform combining social responsibility and education with adventure, innovation and technology. Your support will allow you to develop a socially responsible marketing strategy and gain media exposure. Different sponsorship packages offer a variety of exposure depending on your budget, and provide an opportunity to establish or enhance an existing marketing initiative. The packages are designed to deliver value to our sponsors while offering substantial benefits in terms of brand positioning as well as marketing to defined demographic groups. If you are interested in discussing the options I would be very willing to provide you with more details.


Physical Branding

Naming rights for the expedition vessel. Vessel will be painted in a colour scheme to complement your brand. Primary location of two logos on either side of the vessel. Front and back branding on team shirts & cap Company logo prominently displayed at departure and arrival Media board backdrop exclusively branded with corporate logo

Web Presence and Testimonials

Logo displayed on website homepage and on every page of the website. Provide testimonials and personal recognition of your company's services in media opportunities.


Opening and closing credits of proposed documentary acknowledging the role of your company in the expedition Documentary scense will include the opportunity for product placement embedding either a product or service.


Host official expedition vessel naming function Attendance at specific events during the penzance to London Campaign as requested


Use of vessel for up to three months period to display in company foyer or other appropriate locations once the crossing is complete. Use of approved imagery, either video or audio, in advertising and promotional initiatives.



There is no more effective method to visually promote a brand than through association with an innovative, technologically advanced and socially responsible project like the Oceansup Atlantic challenge. The project offers endless scope for varied and diverse photographic and video coverage of associated brands during the Atlantic transit as well as at international trade shows where the project is presented. There will be spectacular action photography with sponsors branding at the forefront of the imagery.

Team clothing

Branded pilot and support crew wear is a great way to ensure continued and diverse brand exposure. The pilot, support staff, supporters, family and sponsors will be seen displaying their branded clothing at public events, at trade shows and during the documentary.

Media exposure

The Ocean SUP Atlantic Challenge will create a global broadcast, print, trade, show and on-line media audience. Opportunities include, exposure through the Discovery channel, new media like CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC,BBC. print media like USA Today, New york times and specialist magazines like WIRED, FHM,HEALTH,SPORTS and many more.

Dedicated Public relations

Ocean SUP will have a dedicated public relations function. All press releases will be cobranded as determined in the sponsorship package agreement.