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Stand Up Paddleboarding Round the Isle of Wight on a Stand Up Paddleboard South coast of England on a Stand Up Paddleboard Atlantic crossing Finish of round the Isle of Wight SUP

Ocean SUP - Stand-Up Paddleboarding

The Vision:

To help kids unleash their potential in order that they can make a positive contribution to society.

True success comes from individuals looking within and recognizing their own talents and motivations. When people are physically pushed beyond their own boundaries they experience the power within themselves to push further and be more. In order for kids to understand this we want to put them in an environment that embodies this.

We believe it is the role of adults to inspire future generations, and who better to do this than adventure athletes who are testament to the ethos that the only limits are those we set ourselves. We plan to get a team of adventure athletes involved to help build awareness for the project and to take part in educational and media events as the project develops.